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"This Book Shreds!"

From the Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author Rob Spampinato

Have You Always Wanted to Belong to the World of Musicians, But Don’t Know Where to Start or How to Make Music Part of Your Everyday Lifestyle?

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If You’ve Always Wanted to Make Music Part of Your Lifestyle Instead of Just a Hobby, Without the Second-Guessing or Frustration of Trying On Your Own and Failing,

This Book Shreds Has You Covered!

People all over the world say they want to play music.

They might buy an instrument, learn to read music, or even hire a private teacher, but then they end up quitting. The struggle is real.

Have you ever tried to make music a bigger part of your life and got caught in the rock and roll cycle of failure?

You aren’t alone, but there is a way to move past this cycle.

The Truth Is, If You’ve Tried To Learn How To Play A Musical Instrument Or Sing, And You’ve Failed,

It’s Not Your Fault!


What you really need is an expert guide. Someone who knows how to teach you without the pain that happens when you keep working harder and hustling more without getting better results.

I know, because I needed someone, too. A few someones, actually.

Now that I’ve worked with hundreds of new musicians, I’ve developed a surefire way of helping aspiring musical artists learn how to navigate their musical journeys without that frustration.

The Music Secret Most Teachers Don’t Know Or Teach

All it takes to get through those first awkward-feeling months of learning a new instrument is the knowledge that you aren’t alone.

There are guaranteed ways to get music wins even when you make mistakes.

In my new release, This Book Shreds, I teach you everything you need to know about what it really takes to be a Rockstarinside and out.

Everything You Need

All In One Place

All my experience and industry knowledge is now in one easy-to-read book that will teach you, step by step, how to make your dream of playing music real.

And the only thing you have to do to see the same results my students get every day is read it.

Have you tried learning an instrument before and felt burned out and hopeless?

That’s why I wrote this book. So you never have to feel that way again.

I know what it takes to get past that feeling and finally execute you musical goals.

But in this book, you won’t just get my expert advice. I’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in the music industry, and collected their best thoughts and methods in this book for you.

You’ll hear from legends like Paul Reed Smith, Richard Fortus, Rod Castro, Arianna Powell, and Bruce Kulick.

You Don’t Need To Hustle More Or Try Harder

You can see real results when you use proven methods like the holistic approach to music I teach my students.

You don’t have to be scared that this is another promise that will fall flat.

I know this method will work for you because it’s highly customizable and works for all of my students, no matter how old they are or how long ago they started.

Just last week, one of my students asked me why she waited so long to get help.

You see, she’s been wanting to play the guitar forever, but thought she was too old to start.

I told her that sharing with me about her progress wasn’t enough. She also needed to learn to celebrate her wins.

Who will help you get wins and then celebrate them?



Do You Still Think About How It Will Feel Once You Can Play Music?

What if I told you that in just a few months, you could be shredding and enjoying all of the amazing things music can bring into your life?

Does it sound too good to be true? I promise it’s not.

If you’re wondering how I know what you’re feeling, it’s because I’ve been there!

The only way I was able to work through it was to create the systems and mindset hacks I use for my music career and to help my music students.

So, who am I, anyway? And how did I figure out what turns to make on my own musical journey?

I Know Exactly How You Feel

Because I Used to Feel the Same Way!

My name is Rob Spampinato, and I’m writing this to you from Rob's School of Music, the music school I own and run in Suffern, New York.

The truth is, I’ve always been the shy one in any group.

  • I used to get nervous just ordering a slice of pizza at our local shop
  • I didn’t know how to talk when I was in a room of people
  • Making friends was hard, especially at school

But when I met my musical best friends in karate class and we formed a band, I learned that once I got out on stage, I could perform.

So, what changed?

Well, nothing really. I’m still shy. I still get nervous ordering my favorite drink from my local coffee shop.

But because of the rock experiences I went through with my friends, I learned how to harness the power of music.

With practice, I could play, and perform in front of thousands of strangers.

One time with a not-so-smallish hole in my pants.

But before I got to that place, I tried a lot of things that didn’t work

  • I tried to just play through the pain with a teacher who didn’t get me.
  • I ended up quitting and neglecting my passion for music for years.

It wasn’t until I learned how valuable supportive relationships are that I was able to finally pick up a guitar and stick with it.

Maybe You Feel Like You’ll Never Get Where You Want With Music

And that’s okay. I get it. But don’t stay where you are.

I know how to help you get where you want to go. To where music becomes a part of your life in the way you’ve always dreamed. But how?

Learn To Shred 

Without Having to Invest Thousands of Dollars or Years of Time in Trial and Error Guesses

I help music lovers learn how to create the confidence foundation they need to play the instruments they love so they can find those important relationships that can only be forged in the fire of musical companionship.

And without having to do it all on their own.

All through my new release This Book Shreds.


Because the number one problem people face when they try to learn how to be part of the musical world is a lack of confidence.

They don’t believe they can learn how to play an instrument or sing.

And the truth is, a lot of music schools and teachers don’t think that dealing with this problem is a part of their job. But I know it is.

In my book, I tell you how to build each mental system using proven strategies so that you can build the confidence you need.

And once you learn how to have confidence, to build a support system of music-based relationships, and slay stage fright.

Then, you’ll be able to finally join the musical world that is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Every day, I work with students as we go through this process together.

I’ve never seen any other process work as well or as fast for people who want to make music more than just a hobby.

So, how can you get started on your musical journey? Let me tell you.

Are You Ready to Learn What It Takes To Shred? Do You Want to Make Music More Than Just a Dream or a Hobby?

In This Book Shreds, I will teach you how to:

  • Music creates powerful human connection on page 12.
  • Anyone can write a song that shreds using my proven songwriting method on page 21.
  • You can keep yourself from quitting by deciding not to quit before you start learning on page 33.
  • ​To choose inspiration over intimidation when you see someone else do something cool you’re still learning on page 34.
  • ​To stop critics who don’t know anything about music keep you from traveling on your musical journey on page 37.
  • ​You can learn music theory at any age on page 41.
  • To turn any “wrong note” into a creative moment that leads your listeners to want to hear more on page 45.
  • ​You don’t need natural talent to become an epic musician on page 48.
  • ​Everything is building toward something, so you don’t need to let perfection paralysis stand in your way on page 50.
  • ​And So Much More!

Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About This Book Shreds!

If you’ve ever tried to learn an instrument before and it felt was too hard, you aren’t alone.

But my unique method will give you all the mental, emotional, and physical tools that will help you make music a lifestyle.

And the difference is, you need an overall approach that can be customized to you.

Learn How Music Can Help You Live With Purpose, Make Friends, and Create Magical Moments

Are you nervous about trying yet another way to learn music? You don’t need to be.

Here’s My Guarantee:

Try the book for a full 30 days, and if, for any reason, you don’t find it helpful, I’ll refund you the full price you paid for the digital copy of This Book Shreds.

Just shoot me an email at and I’ll get your money back to you pronto.

See What Other Readers Had To Say…

I'm one of those people who will get obsessed with learning to play the guitar, splurge on a nice new one and then just have it sit around, constantly looking at me and judging me.

Rob's book was the push I needed to dust my guitar off, and start playing some tunes.

I'm a false beginner, but he made me believe I could actually pursue this hobby and improve my technique even at the tender age of 40.

I think one of the main reasons was that he's not afraid to reveal his own original struggles while pursuing music as a kid.

It's true that videos of accomplished musicians could intimidate any aspiring music learner, but the book kept reminding me that all these people started out with zero knowledge of their instruments too!

The mention of singing practice was an added bonus for me personally, since I have a weakness for vocals.

Apart from personal anecdotes, "This Book Shreds" also includes mini lessons on music theory and even songwriting which I loved!

- Maria M.

I absolutely loved and enjoyed Rob’s book! 

I was totally inspired and encouraged to start playing a guitar that I haven't in over a decade! 

Even if you've never picked up an instrument, you'll want to run out and start playing as soon as possible after you read Rob’s story! 

You absolutely will not regret buying this book!

- Autumn W.

How many times have you said, “Next week I’ll finally learn to play an instrument”, or even “Next month.”

Six months can go by again, and instead of being no closer to your goals, you could actually be through the most difficult part of learning an instrument.

Does that sound like something you want?

Imagine with it will be like to finally make those guitar strings play or those drums beat.

Why let another year go by without embracing your musical dreams? With This Book Shreds you can learn all of the musical mindset hacks and practice strategies that will finally move you closer to the musical existence you’ve always wanted.

Sure, waiting is less scary, until you realize that the longer you wait, the more time you’re wasting.

No matter how long you’ve been playing or what age you are, you really can start learning to make music part of your lifestyle starting today. But only if you act.

My book will give you all of the practical advice and inspiration you need!

Are you still wondering if this book is the right fit for you?

Let me tell you exactly who it’s perfect for

  • ​Anyone who wants to make music a part of their life, but doesn’t have any experience yet.
  • ​Those who have some experience, but feel stuck where they are with their musical goals.
  • ​Anyone who wants to get on stage, but is waiting on the sidelines because of stage fright.
  • ​Those who want to grow their confidence by using their instruments as musical shields.
  • ​Anyone who wants to learn to set better goals, not just for music, but for life.
  • ​People who are passionate about making music a part of their lifestyle, no matter their age.
  • ​Those who aren’t naturally talented at music but are willing to put in persistent practice.

And now that you know whether This Book Shreds can help you specifically, I want to go over just a few other questions most aspiring musicians have.

 Have Questions?

Is it too late to learn music theory?

The simple answer is “No.” No matter what age you are, you can always learn music theory. The process should be taken one step at a time, though. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, so we introduce it as you go through your musical education. In This Book Shreds we give you the first few steps of musical theory you need in order to learn to shred.

Can we learn music online?

Absolutely yes. However, not all online music teachers care equally. At Rob’s School of Music, we use a holistic teaching method that can be customized depending on each student’s learning style. In This Book Shreds we give you the basic frameworks you need to be able to embrace your unique musical journey.

Can we learn music at any age?

Definitely. It’s never too late to learn to shred. But different people take various amounts of time to practice and refine the skills they need to be able to play music. That is why Rob’s School of Music has a customized approach that can be adapted to any musician at any level of experience, no matter their age.

Who can learn music?

Everyone can learn music. Is it true that some people naturally have more musical talent than others? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that those who don’t have natural musical talent can’t learn to play an instrument. In This Book Shreds, you will read about Rob’s musical journey as he worked through the fact that he didn’t have natural musical talent. Yet, he was still able to make music into a full career. And now, you can, too.

Can you learn music without a teacher?

Can you learn music without any kind of outside help? Maybe, but it will probably take a lot of time and an unfortunate amount of second-guessing. With a trained teacher, it will be much more rapid for you to learn an instrument. And with a teacher who really cares, like all of the awesome instructors at Rob’s School of Music, you will be way more likely to keep progressing instead of getting burned out and quit trying to do everything on your own.

Is music easy to learn?

Every individual person has a unique musical journey and learning style. While not all people find music easy to learn, they can still set and reach goals with the help of a customized approach to learning music holistically. There are definitely paths of less resistance that new musicians can take based on proven methods and frameworks. We offer all of those things at Rob’s School of Music because we know what does and doesn’t work.

In This Book Shreds, you will read all about Rob’s musical journey and the secrets he discovered that he now shares with his students on a daily basis.

Can you learn guitar on your own?

Sure, you can learn a few basics by looking at YouTube videos, but if you want to get serious about developing your piano playing skills, you need more than a video tutorial. You need a mentor who can help you through the different phases of piano learning. This person will also help you progress faster because they can tell what your natural learning style is and help you use that to accelerate your growth.

In This Book Shreds you’ll learn how to embrace your musical journey while looking for mentors who help you become more of the musician you want to be, all while collecting tips about goal setting and facing your fears.

Have You Always Wanted to Belong to the World of Musicians, But Don’t Know Where to Start or How to Make Music Part of Your Everyday Lifestyle?

In This Book Shreds, I will teach you how to:

  • Use the power of music to create lifelong connections with people who are awesome.
  • Write mind-bending songs based on universal emotions and simple research.
  • ​Create a mindset foundation that will keep you from quitting just when your brain is on the verge of connecting all the dots.
  • Embrace making mistakes as part of the music-learning process.
  • ​Approach practice from a different angle to make you play better every time you sit down to jam.
  • ​Balance music with the rest of your life so that you don’t get caught up in the potential-fame trap.
  • ​Set goals and achieve them by embracing your unique voice while building confidence.
  • Build out your rock-star persona.
  • ​Slay stage fright by doing the work beforehand and learning how to diversify your shredding skills.
  • ​Be a considerate member of your band and use those methods to be a compassionate person people love to be around.
  • Use borrowed magic to get you gigs when you’re first starting out.
  • ​Incorporate rest and health into your music routine and life.

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